Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fuchsia Plant Fabric Collage - part 2

Revisiting my fabric choices for the fuchsia flower, I decided there were too many mid-range values and made a few changes. I feel the second group of fabrics shows a better progression of values from light to dark than the first group.

This is a really simple piece with only a few elements. The rest of the fabrics are for background and leaves.  For that I have chosen the following fabrics.
Two main fabrics for the background as seen in the photo below. It isn't interesting to divide the space directly in half or to make the line between the two areas straight.  Varying the line makes an otherwise static representation a lot more fluid and interesting to look at. 

I have used three fabrics to represent the leaves'  veins, shadows and highlights, and one fabric for the stems. The stem fabric has enough value range all by itself.  This was one of those "lucky" choices that turned out a little better than I thought it would. I won't have to add highlights to achieve a realistic look.
You can see the original photo I am working from in the frame above.  I use a ruler to gauge the ratio of photo to finished work. Then some simple equations sort out the size pieces I need to cut.

That high school algebra comes in handy after all :)  

Next we will begin the Fuchsia flowers.

More next time.  ~ LW

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