Thursday, March 15, 2012

“We can ask no greater joy, than to go gently through this place that has been given to us, and make something out of it. Not necessarily to fully understand it, for that might be an impossible task, but to honor it in our own way.” – Robert Genn, painter and author of The Painter Keys.

It's is too busy !  But, for me, in a good way.  I have managed to finish 2 commissions and a birthday gift in the last couple of months !  Here are the results...

The Path # 1,1   by Lynette Williams - fabric collage on panel

I have been concentrating on developing depth in most of my work lately.
 Life is traveling into the unknown and this piece suggests to me the idea of choosing a path in life and how important it is which  path we choose to take.

Home  by Lynette Williams  -  fabric collage on panel

A commissioned work depicting a family farm that is no longer there.  The trick was to piece together from a couple of family photos a semblance of what was once there.  Again, trying to achieve a sense of depth and include all of the elements the family remembers from the farm.

The Path   # 1, 2 by Lynette Williams  -  fabric collage on panel

Living near Lake Michigan,  I am privileged to see it often and enjoy the inspiration it provides.  It has been a favorite place to be for most of my life and continues to be a favorite subject for my art.
This piece was commissioned by someone who lives nearer the lake than me and walks the beach almost daily.

Can't wait to start "cuttin up" my next project.