Monday, October 14, 2013

One of Three

I am excited to get going on the 3 textile fusion (aka: fabric collage) art pieces I must finish by Nov 22.  I am re-creating for the St Joseph Oakland Mercy Hospital 3 pieces I had originally completed in smaller sizes.  The new ones must be 20" x 30"  and the reason I am so excited is that I have the chance to improve them.  The first one I am working on was completed , I think,  in 2009.  I believe I have grown as an artist in the last 4 years and hope that these pieces will reflect that.
Here is the original.

Girl On Beach - Fabric Collage
© Lynette Williams

And here is the new piece currently in progress.

Girl On Beach 2 - Fabric Collage
© Lynette Williams

The original holds a certain charm for me even though I may think the second one has more detail or is more technically proficient.  Maybe it's like a favorite song that has been re-done.  I often don't like the re-makes as well even though they are more advanced in recording or instrumentation.  Who can explain why that is ?  It just is.  I guess we must conclude that they are just different -  the one not necessarily better or worse than the other.  Products of a different time.

More updates soon !

Monday, October 7, 2013

That Time Already

I can't believe its time to think about next year's Tulip in the poster competition for it.  I almost didn't enter this year because of time constraints, but I got an inspiration and ran with it.  I cannot share the entire image but I will hint that I have gone in a bit of a different direction than previous years.  Here is a sneak peak :)

fabric collage by Lynette Williams

To be February, 2014