Thursday, September 15, 2011

"Frog Heaven" - Fabric Collage Art

Finally finished !  This is probably the largest piece I have done to date - 24" x 48"  I enjoyed the larger work area and anticipate doing more of this size or larger.  It takes a lot more fabric so that will have to be a consideration when purchasing a piece of fabric that seems to have potential.......getting enough in case it will go in a larger piece.  Because if I have to go back for more, I am likely to be disappointed.  Especially if it is several months down the road.
As I have said before, I like art that tells a story somehow or suggests more is going on than what is immediately visible.  The cattails'  reflection in rippling water in the right foreground adds movement to the piece suggesting a pond teaming with life.  It carries to the slight water movement  by the lilies' reflection and the image of the frog about to hop on the pad.  I chose colors that may not be explicitly realistic but complement each other and give enough reference to a cool summer least for a frog.