Tuesday, September 24, 2013


It's been a slow year for collaging, much to my chagrin.  But I have recently been working on this piece of my mother.  I wanted to show the transitions of life....how we change but also retain a part of who we were.  I obviously had a complete  photographic record of my mother so she was an ideal subject to use.
Lifespan ©  Lynette Williams
I have faded one image into the next and found it quite a challenge at times to find just the right color fabric to use.  I used sheer fabrics as well which can also be very challenging.  My purpose in doing so was to explore the process of taking bits of our former selves with us as we transition to the next stage of life.  I found this piece very rewarding, not only because it was my mother and I contemplated someone that I knew so well, but also because I was stretching myself as an artist to explore a different way of using fabric to exhibit the idea that was in my head.

Next challenge is to reproduce 3 previously completed pieces for St Joseph Oakland Hospital in a larger size.  Updates to come !