Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Guest Artist

With a sigh of relief, I am taking a day of laziness.  Up to almost the last minute I was extremely busy, with everyone wanting something sewn to embellish their home before Christmas.  What a joyous time of year!!  I love to celebrate the birth of our Savior and build wonderful memories with family and friends.  But it can be a very busy and tiring time!!  Now it is time to relax!
The continued struggle to find time for Fabric Collage was never more evident than in the last 2 months.  Hence, the lack of posts on this blog.  I am taking this week between Christmas and New Year to rejuvenate.  Included in that rejuvenation will be some finished Collage pieces.  One is a late November birthday gift for a friend and another is a commissioned piece to be given as a Christmas gift...also late :(.

I am pleased to have been in recent communication with Dattatreya Phadke.  He is a Pathologist in Novi, MI who has enjoyed doing many forms of art since childhood.  Among his pursuits are handmade greeting cards, acrylic, one-stroke, watercolor and watercolor batik painting as well as photography.  His education and career in the medical field has prevented him from pursuing art in a formal way, but, he uses his spare time to satisfy his creative flair.  His most recent addition to this list is his experimentation with fabric on canvas.   His first piece is called  "Harmony"  which he did with whatever bits of fabric he could find at his home.

                                                             12" x 12"  Fabric Collage on boxed canvas
                                                                                  by Dattatreya Phadke

 Since that first endeavor, Dattatreya has enlarged his portfolio.
I really enjoy his style and felt compelled to share his art.   
"Bird of Paradise"
11" x 14" Fabric collage on canvas panel
by Dattatreya Phadke



 In this piece, Dattatreya achieves a beautiful blend of colors.  The background is gorgeous but does not over-power the birds of paradise flowers. 

                                                                         In Bloom 
                                                     11" x 14" Fabric Collage on canvas panel
                                                                                     by Dattatreya Phadke

 I love this vibrant suggestion of a flower in full bloom.  I think balance and texture are the keys to this pieces' success.

In a piece such as this, the selection and placement of color is crucial and that is what Dattatreya does very well.

                                                                       Snail Trail
                                                  11 x 14  Fabric Collage on canvas panel
                                                                by Dattatreya Phadke

                                                                   Fall Splendor
                                                                     11" x 14"  Fabric Collage on canvas panel
                                                                                      by Dattatreya Phadke

Dattatreya found inspiration for this piece from a photo he took in Traverse City, Michigan this fall.
Beautifully done !

I hope you have  enjoyed these as much as I have.  Thanks to Dattatreya for his willingness to share his art with us !  I am looking forward to seeing what he creates next.
Till next time !