Wednesday, January 18, 2012

And now..for something completely different !

I have been exploring something a little different.  I know I have a lot of UFOs (UnFinishedObjects) that were in previous posts, but when inspiration hits, you have to run with it.  You never know what may come of it.  Besides, those projects aren't going anywhere.  They will still be there when I am ready to pick them up and finish them. And I am confident they will be even better for having some space to  "grow".
  I have been intrigued with the monochromatic of late.  My fabric hunt for these resulted in some interesting combinations.  This series will be called "Monochrome Garden" or "What my flower garden might look like at midnight".  Some will have a hint of color like this one.

More to come in future !

Friday, January 6, 2012

American Avocet

This fabric collage was commissioned to co-ordinate with a particular room, so the colors were chosen accordingly. "American Avocet "  was inspired by a photo of this bird seen locally and it will reside in the home of an avid bird lover.  It is a mid-western and Pacific coastal migratory bird that inhabits marshland, beaches and ponds during its breeding season.  It turns gray in the winter.  Its bill, very long and thin, is used in a side to side motion in the shallow water to search for crustacea and insects.

"American Avocet"    by Lynette Williams
                                                              Fabric Collage    14" x 11" on cradled board

Being a mother, I cannot warm to this bird.  It does not feed its young!  They fend for themselves.  But incubation is shared by both parents  -  a very redeeming quality :) and it is a very stately looking bird. 
More birds are in my "collaging " future.  I like this version of being in touch with nature....especially in the dead of winter.
Till next time