Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ok, so it’s raining outside and it’s not balmy anymore like that teaser we got last week.  It’s all good !!  Chicken Corn Chowder simmering on the stove and this quilting project that has really got me excited, is keeping me going on this gray day .  I am working with limited time, so, instead of tracking down my mother’s old quilt sticks and spending a delightful afternoon over tea, with sisters or friends, hand-stitching this quilt, I am forced to do the speedier method.  In order to make it easier to handle, I am machine quilting sections of the quilt; about 26” square at a time.  Starting with the center block, I have machine-stitched basically in diamond patterns; following the pattern of the quilt.   It’s important to keep the outer edges of each 26” block free from stitching since we are sewing the tops of the blocks separate from the backing.   This is the back side which shows the stitching lines better. 

There will be 5 blocks like the center and 4 of the alternating pattern
When all the blocks are completed, lay them all out to make sure they will be sewn in proper order and orientation.  There are 3 rows of 3 blocks this size ( 26”).  So I am sewing 3 blocks in a row.  The next block to the right of center is sewn , right sides together, on top of the center block..   Stitch only the top pieced layer and batting of the second block to the pieced layer and batting of the center block , leaving the backings free.

.  Fold flat and on the back side,  fold over the raw edge of the quilt backing of one block and tack that in place by hand over the backing of the other block so there are no raw edges . 

Then, topstitch this from the right side to make a more finished look.  Repeat this process with the block to the left of center. This leaves me with a rectangular piece consisting of 3 – 26” blocks sewn together in a row.
Repeat this with the remaining two rows of 3 blocks.  Then sew the three rows together on the long side using the same method of leaving the backing free and tacking it by hand on the back, then top-stitching on the right side .  Once this is finished you have all of your quilting already finished and we are ready for the borders.
 I am a little ahead of myself here, so I will come back when I am caught up to do the borders.    See you then !!     LW                     

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